Thursday, April 26, 2007

A relief

Wifey was so exhausted with work the other way , and she has had enough !

" Abang.. lets go for a holiday.. " she said.

Holiday ? Wow.. thats something we last did LONG TIME ago ! Since Dzaeffran was delivered , we never went for any holiday as both of us was not just busy with the baby ; but work and exams. Of course , I did went for my "tension-releasing" trips but with the family.. hmm.. I suppose this is the right time ! The accidental 26th of April holiday certainly helps with me being post call on the 25th ! 2 days off

So off we went ; and we were lucky to be offered by Pak Long to stay at his weekend chill out place in AFAMOSA resort in Melaka ! haks.. He and Mak Long joined us with Dzaeff and Qaisya's cousin ; Faris and Farha !!! It was a definite first for Qaisya - being 2 months old and Dzaeff being so excited to be on the car for more than his usual daily 10 minutes !!

The bungalow was cool as it had its own private pool ! The whole AFAMOSA looked a bit rundown but well maintained . Of course , Dzaeff had a great time in the pool ; conquering his fear of water initially and ended up refusing to move out from the pool !!!

looking confident with his swimming suit

conqeuring his initial fear

a happy baby !

water babies !
We went to the COwboy Town last night , and it was certainly colourful and enjoyable ! The parade was galant exhibiting their animals who certainly awed the crowd. We managed to have a photograph with the tiger cub and the fireworks display was wonderful !!

We wanted to go the the Animal Safari the next morning , but ended up lazing around and in the swimming pool !! I'm certainly tired now but it was worth the fun !!

family fun !!

the picture says it all !!

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:) i can't wait for my break this weekend!