Monday, April 23, 2007


Parenting can be tricky. It is the core knowledge in the cycle of life - and we learn it informally throughout our lives. Initially , being the focus of parenthood - as we grow up from a child into our adolescence and hence adulthood. Then , somehow we will take the role as parents whether we are ready or not ; growing up our own kids.It is an instinct instilled into us by god for his creations regardless.

The main parenting model in each parents would be the way we were brought up by ours. The benchmark of competent parenting would traditionally be the outcome of the child. Or is it ? Some parents live their lives through their child , some let them live and let die ! It is very variable and the searchfor the best model would always be subjective and unique.Family values are inherited . It is not something that can be easily learnt or be based on. It is something that the whole clan understands and follow instinctively.

As a new parent myself , I try very hard to build an ideal nuclear unit ; with my own intrepretation of a dynamic happy family. Of course , you'd want your children to be successful in their lives but at the same time upholding strong family relations. I used to criticise my own parents for their ways - but being a non-parent at that time , was my idealism justified ? Being one now brings a big dilemna to myself ; as the saying goes " what goes around , comes around". I am a very opiniated child and I'm not sure I want my children to be as how I was and maybe am..hehehe.

I believe that certain values are of core and violating it is a detriment. I hold very strongly to this principle and being a sensitive man ( hahahahah.. ) myself , when it hurts - it stays and haunts me throughout my life. And when i loose respect , then it would not be an easy task to regain it back...

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