Friday, May 04, 2007

COngrats to Jojo !!

Congratulations to Razman Yusof aka Jojo ( My silent blog reader !! and his bride , Sofia !! We are all happy for you !!! Jojo used to be our next door neighbour in Taman Tun - but he was more close to my younger brothers compared to myself. 6 tears difference Mah !!

My whole family attended his wedding in Mandarin Oriental during the 2 days mid week holiday. It was nostalgic to meet up with both his parents and elder brother. It was a smooth wedding and it went quite informal eventhough Tengku Mahkota and Tengku Muda Pahang attended the affair. I enjoyed the video show - done by the groom which was funny and kewl - he could not sing the song properly in the video - and walah - Andy of Flop Poppy was on stage to sing it to the bride... !!

And of course - The Lima of GAng Starz was there too and the whole family took a photograph with the group ! It was a bit funny later - when the Tv3 crew interviewed my dad about the group - and he spoke SO INDONESIAN !!!

" Papa ingat Tv from indon tadi...... "

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Razman said...

thank you for coming to my wedding and thanks for the post- jojo