Friday, May 11, 2007

A schoolboy again

My wife left me yesterday... uhuks..

Wei , thats why iti s dangerous to just grab the headline instead of reading through the whole piece ! This was what actually happened.

I was doing the plastic list yesterday - and looking at the cases posted ; did not figure i would finish late - Only cleft palate and lip repair mah !!! But do not underestimate the "skill's of a plastic surgeon. It took HOURS !!! It came to 5 pm and wifey called me up..

" Abang.. I'm done... "
" I'm not.. and maybe late kot.. you pick up the keys from me.. "

then I asked ..

"Can you pick me up later ? "
" What ?? balik naik cab jer la.... "

Haksss... I was left behind in the hospital. True enough , i finished at 7pm and decided to wait at the taxi counter - but there was none ! Then I decided.. hmmm... lets try the bus !!

God.. I've not been on a public bus like for 10 years ?? It was like a schoolboy again - being a bit nervous before jumping onto my bus in ront of UMMC. I didn't know the bus number. So i just jumped onto the first bus I saw - and managed to reach home !!! Hahahahha... Honestly , it was that feeling of being a naive little boy boarding a bus... at the age of 30......

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Farahz said...

sometimes we need to undergo something different in our daily life to reflect the days from the past.