Thursday, May 03, 2007

Devils and blues ; only the Reds will not walk alone in Europe.

We/re in the finals again !!! Liverpool the everlasting champion of europe !! It was a heart stopping game the other night. I stayed up to watch it despite being on call yesterday .. but it was worth it. To see the scousers triumph especially during the penalties. It was worrying at times but Reina rose to the occasion with his brilliant saves during the game and the penalties. Such a good feeling to show the "other" fans how we maintain ourselves to be the TEAM to watch in Europe and not just European champions wannabees... :)

"Rafa.. doing the bomoh siam thingy during the penalties.. " Dil

And today.. as much as how Liverpool fans wants to see our team beat United in the finals , they faltered and lost to Milan. How typical of Jaguh kampung.. just like Chelsea.. hahahahah... MAri laa.. kalau berani kita lawan kat Athens !! but unfortunately , both of you are "premature"s .. not good enough at the Continental stage. hahahahaha...

23rd of May.. the day of further glory...

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