Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back in town..

Yup.. flew back on Sunday. Arrive in KL on Monday. On call Tuesday.. Wednesday macam nak mati!!! hahahaha I had it all wrong as i thought it would make me better to beat the jet lag but instead I've made it worse! I'm damn bloody knackered at the moment and my eyes are wide awake! My lips cracked because of my stubborness to not use the lip balm when I was there.. and i am hurting a lot !!
I will definitely blog about my Salzburg-Munich experience in my later posts.. but don't think i can do it now.. still uploading the pics to my facebook s well as my hard drive. 500++ pictures to download can be a wee lil bit too long :(
It's nearing Syawal now and I went to school for Tarawikh with the main objective : fulfilling my zakat to Ustaz Ahmad.. hehe Mafiz, Azad and Fiqar had already had their tun in the last 2 weeks, so it was me left. I chose the 27th night as well as 16th of September Malaysia day to sponsor "moreh" KFC for the kids! hahaha It was a good day to do it especially with SMTTDI's surrounding of tarawikh:) It brings a lot of memories which will account as events that happened 20 years ago!!!
Its unfortunate that this year we were not able to hold any Kamcheng ramadhan events.. insya allah , Syawal will bring us closer:)

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