Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The smelly call courtesy of Fournier..

Yup.. I am back in the general pool and of course to start it off, I was oncall yesterday. I had 2 excellent colleagues with me and the call was uneventful. But then.. we had loooongg cases to do.. which can be a bummer as weget bored easily! When we anaesthetist do a good job, everything is under control and when there is no internet access in the OT , it can be really LONG!
Of course in every call there will always be one case that you'll remember.. and this case I am about to blog will be something i will cherish and of course live to tell the tale. We had a 45 year old man who came with a really bad scrotal swelling; he was suffering from sepsis 2o to Fournier's gangrene.
When I passed through the reception, there was this strong stench which i could not really point out to what it was. It had the nasi goreng ikan masin smell and i thought it was brought about by the numerous order our boy got from Kampung Kerinci Bazaar. The mystery came to a discovery as i was seeing this man.. in pain and looked very ill.. it ws from him!! The gangrene stench was very pungent as it made a lot of heads turn when they passed the reception.
And of course.. during the procedure.. Ya Allah... the smell of pus and faeces was so bad that you can sense it from 3 OTs away and that is from outside! To be in the OT was a punishment as the air was filled with the septic molecule ! It was really bad that a bypass colostomy had to be done as the communication between pus and faeces was there.. it was SO DIRTY.. and of course, the cocktail combination giving an olfactory high stimulation.
I went in.. went out.. the smell stuck on my srubs and i needed to change m scrubs to get the feeling off ! The urosurgeon kept smelling his fingers after the op.. and repeatedly tried to wash it off to much avail! Hahahaha GILA BUSUK!!!!!
I will always remember this Fournier.. oh Fournier..

I was given the opportunity by my department to speak in this morning's University CME regarding Do not resuscitate orders. Its not frequent you get trainees to address the UMMC staff on Wednesday mornings.To my surprise before i went into the UMMC auditorium, I saw the poster and..hahaha.. the big topic was LECTURE !!! I am giving my GRAND LECTURE? HAhahahahaha . The "speaker by" part was an English letdown as this poster was for public viewing! I guess UMMC must next time strictly vet simple English mistakes like this to avoid embarrasment to the institution.( you know how irritating hearing THATS MEAN??!!)
Being post call, i was a bit groggy to start off with.Of course, the audience was not as full as the H1N1 talk but it was adequate for me to convey my point.I've always enjoyed speaking in public and this time around I shared ith them 2 video clips.. one was of Mr Bean doing CPR ( which was hillarious) and the other, from grey's anatomy on DNR which i topped up with the frankenstein IT'S ALIVE classic! I was nervous to start off with but i guess i did OK. Its fun to do this once in a while and of course, will be another additional point in my CV...


Azad said...

Hahaha... i can just imagine your expression awhen you said "gila busuk". Nasi goreng ikan masin got me cracking too. Hahaha.

On a more serious note, imagine being in hell with that kind of smell 100000000x.

dr oshin said...

I totally with you - THATS MEAN? I literally have to bite my tongue in order not to corrrect the 'speaker'. Hahaha