Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Journey to Salzburg.. the beginning

I am currently blogging from my room in Salzburg.With Ling and Shahnaz ;our poster presentation submission were successfully accepted and that became the trump card for our presence here. Regional anaesthesia recognition is fairly new in Malaysia and I guess the reason why we are enthusiastic in probably taking the subspeciality exams soon. Its not often that i have this chance to do 2 things together.. for my future career as well as my love of travelling.
Due to unfortunate miscommunication, I was alone on KLM while both of them flew with Lufthansa. My flight was from KLIA to Amsterdam and then to Vienna instead of Salzburg directly. I kinda enjoyed the flight and managed to sleep in the plane to avoid jet lag on arrival. However, the time of transfer was very short , less than 1 hour and I had a bad experience with the immigration. ( travelling alone, given that i have a BIN in my name as well as my Malaysian passport reporting my travels to indonesia .. high risk !!) I had to run all my might so that i don;t miss my flight.. Jauh gile from C17 to E78!! MAk aii... baru lepas sahur and i was so thirsty making that dash!! )
I arrived in Vienna in one piece, still trying to catch my breath and i guess because of Ramadhan..god was testing me again. My luggage was nowhere to be seen!! AAArrrghhh.. Apparently it was left behind because of the short transit time. I was assured by the KLM staff that my bag would be sent to my in the evening directly to the hotel where I am staying. Ok.. and next was my journey from Vienna to Salzburg.
I decided to use the train as it should be a good experience crossing through Austria. From the airport i took a shuttle directly to Wien WesBanhouf . The good thing about europe rail is its easy to plan your trip!(learnt from my UK experience in the past).And of course, being sehelai sepinggang i decided to tour as much as possible of Vienna in that short one hour! This was not in my original plan considering my big luggage. I went around and of course got carried away.. so again I was running again to catch my train!! Hahahahaha Gila dahaga woo.. but that was never the reason for me to give up on my fasting! Weather was too excellent that it was definitely too hot! Apparently there is an ongoing heat wave.
The 2 hour train trip was good as the scenary was excellent. I arrived in Salzburg train station 230pm and both Shahnaz and Ling were waiting at the hotel. Luckily Garni Evido was so near to the station that i can spot it right away! ( Off colour red building..mind you in Europe!!)
We went around Salzburg old town later that evening and had my iftar. My legs were so gello by then because of my persistent walk through out the day!!
Both Ling and Shahnza is fast asleep and I am about to join them soon. Tomorrow will be the registration day and i believe there will be more adventure to come.. :)


Azad said...

Waa, best dapat jalan2 while working. Btw, Yanti said good luck on your presentation.

eRy said...

enjoy to see ur journey..
it seems quite adventure journey..
i was so shocked when u have to walk from c17 to e78!!!


razman said...

the hills are alivee....with the sound of music...lalalalala