Friday, September 11, 2009

ESRA and the sound of cadavers

I am currently blogging from the comp terminals provided by the organizer. ( I'll post the pic later) I'm very impressed with this congress so far and it is certainly not just a learning experience; but to see consultants lead by example. They are marvellous speakers as well as demonstrators and it motivates one to be like them in the future. We went to the cadaver workshop and it was really good. Now I can see why anatomy is as important to anaesthetists!!!
We've just done our presentation session this morning and it was good. The judge seemed to be impressed with our subcostal TAP block and there is a tiny bit of hope that we might win one of the prizes?? HAHAHAHA Harapan menggunung ! :)
We are waiting for Shahnaz's turn to present. I will write later when we're back at the room tonight.

Salam dari Salzburg!!

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