Monday, August 31, 2009

1st H1N1 fatality for docs.. becareful to my fellow colleagues..

A doctor in Seremban just passed away because of H1N1. I'm not sure what were her risk factors but being the person who see multiple H1N1 patients everyday, health care workers are at the highest risk to get the infection. How well one copes with it, is entirely by chance as how the mutation pattern of any virus.
This latest casualty will cause major tremor to the medical fraternity. It is bad enough to be facing the risk ( as how we do everyday anyway) but with this evidence i wuld not be surprised if some doctors may opt out. I predict the new guideline from KKM will be ,doctors with high risk factors would be exempted from being in contact with possible infected patients.. I really dunno.
Its a mixture of signals with swine flu; between anotherbenign virus infection or a fatal one which nobody has the answer.

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Anonymous said...

A sad day. :(