Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Feeling" the equipments

We recently had tutorial sessions to discuss and describe the anaesthetic equipments that we use everyday. It is an important yet vital part of our Part 2 exams and OMG!! I feel so incomplete and blur.. hahaha the main reason maybe because i never sat down and read properly dedicated literature or book on this topic. I thought my knowledge was fine but how wrong can i be !!!
As anaesthetist, we have to be really confident with the equipments that we use day in day out; I remember Dr Hashim my consultant in Selayang who's very good at it.. He knows everything ; fingertips wooo... The good thing about being comfortable with your equipment is, if something goes wrong you can identify it and rectify it ASAP! Instead , i too depend on the MA in charge or the nursing staff !! hahahaha Anaes Gen X lah ni..

HAd a look at Basir's book( Shaikh and Baha). He actually bought it which cost a bomb!! Usually we'll be cheapskate and get a photocopy version of it but for this book; i reckon the original book make things crystal clear. I kinda like this book which is concise and full of colour pictures! However, when i tried to search it in our library; i'm dissappointed that we don't have it

I only managed to get WARD's from the department's library which is thicker and more detailed. I kinda like it too ..hahaha ( janji ada gambar kaler2 banyak..oklah tu) but it is a bit too bulky to bring around for short reads.
At least , i'm starting to be a bit serious with my reading.. I hope that it is a good sign! :)

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