Thursday, August 20, 2009

QAS's Prep Course for egypt bound med students..

I was recently invited to attend and give short talks to future med students who are going to Egypt. I really am amazed by Allah's plan as I'm sure the organizers had never heard of me and vice-versa.It was also by chance that a friend of wifey called up and asking if any of us were interested. Apparently , those who were scheduled to take the session could not make it and the organizers had to look for last minute replacements.
I've always love to talk to future and current med students as I feel that at that very young age , you don't really know what "shit" you're getting into!! Its very nostalgic becuase I was in their shoes before. In a way , doing this regularly will keep me youthful! Getting information is the most important thing at this early stage because the idealism we had about being doctors at that age is totally false!! And med school itself is a torture and not for the weak soul !! THe idealism of doing good for mankind is not bed of roses! And this is just about going through med school as i did not intend to tell them yet about housemanship!!
I was entrusted to prepare short presentations about intro to Anatomy,PHysio,Histology and Biochemistry.. the core subjects as first years! My word.. it was not easy to prepare slides for this 4 "kena paksa belajar" subjects! It can be really boring you know!! Hahahaha I tried my best and thought real hard the day before.. how not to bore the kids and the challenging part was to keep them interested in the 4 hours !! Lama gila !!
I had to tell them the reality of med school ; its never going to be easy from day 1. The culture shock,struggles and perseverence of the prolonged period of training!! Hahaha I hope that i did not deter anybody from continuing!!
It was a good session.. the kids were enthusiastic and optimistic. I know they enjoyed my life- experience jokes( i am glad when they laughed.. kalau tak malu la ..lawak tak jadi..hehe) as well as the gory pictures from my collection for show!! I really hope that it was beneficial for them because i know i benefited from the seniors in UK while doing A-levels. Again, I am always overjoyed to share my thoughts with future docs. In Palembang last year , I had a session with the UNSRI kids.
To the Alexandria and Tanta Univ bound med students in September 2009, All the best and good luck in your quest to be doctors insya allah.
**memories.. my superb HO team in UPM Surgical ward HKL.. thanx dr zek for the pic!!


Dr Zek said...

The pic is my memory...really best and superb team ever...speechless men...

Luqman Azmi said...

semangat doct tulis blog untuk qas...
kami semua pom epy gak time doct datang bagi ceramah pengenalan subject medic..

Mafeitz Mamat said...

zakimi: i know..mengenangkan zaman-zaman jadi kuli batak..
luqman: TQ! Semoga tercapai cita-cita nanti:)

Luqman Azmi said...

you are most welcome..
nnti ade free time,dijemput dtg ke egypt..nnti dpt tumpang umah kami semua..