Monday, August 03, 2009

Adidas King of the road 2009

Route : around Shah Alam
Event : 22km.. ( halfway , it became 22.7km!)
Adidas King of the road is an event which is heavily subscribed internationally. Having it in Malaysia made everybody keen to be a part of it , whether u are a runner or not. Unfortunately , it has the negative reputation of bad organizing.Initally it was the BENCHMARK till the latest edition of KL Marathon came along! Kamal and Mafiz could not make it because of health reasons and the 3 of us were there to tackle the 22km event.
I was up by 5am and i was glad that the vitagen i drank the night before was working. I had a full "flush" making me happy to start the race.As the stadium was nearby , I decided to go after subuh and by 6.15am the atmospheric carnival was visible. Azad and Edrin were together and i onl manage to see them after the start. Tan Sri Khalid let us off at 6.30am and the whole crowd were running. Almost everybody ran and so i thought.. hmmm.. ni memang event runners ni.
I wore my powerbar shirt which i bought last week. Hehehehe dah mcm bule lari sket kena ada gaya sket dak ? hahahaha
Shah Alam hills were mild but long. You have to endure and the mental power n picture is important to make you continue running regardless the speed. My last 20k event was in January ( as i missed KLIM) therefore to push myself to do this was a feat on its own. I did manage to squeeze few 7-9k runs in the evenings after work for the past3 weeks.I am glad i did that!! hahahaha We were from the stadium and took a right turn to Sek 6 and all the way to 7 and to Padang Jawa. Then it was S 24 , 18 , 17 and the next thing i know we were in front of the Aquatic centre. ( nampak pendek je kan? tapi lari tak sampai-sampai!! )

By the 18th km, i was already fatigued. Had to stop-walk for a bit as my legs were cramping really hard! It had been quite sometime since i last pushed my body to this stage! I guess this time around I was aiing for PB therefore forcing myself forward as compared to my previous 20k runs where i took my time to finish it. I guess i am fitter now ( but not as fit as those running 1h30min laaa) . I did 2hr and 31min ( according to my own timing) Ok la tu eh.. hahaha
Ok.. now the the organizing part..
1.The water stations were better as they were aplenty. Tak mati kehausan la lari 22k kiranya .This was the main complaint the last time around and I guess they learnt something here.
2.On arrival , there were only few MILO and 100plus station around and guess what , it ran out way too early before the exhausted 22k runners came around. No food around which was surprising compared to all the ones i've joined... hahaha nampak sangat ADIDAS dah bankcrupt. Ada hati nak organize runs lagi lak tu ???
3.I am not sure if the runner who collapsed at the 20k point is ok or not.( read in in another blog) He fell and there were no organizers around to pick this up. Apparently a fellow runner and passer-by helped out to get him to a nearby hospital. I know that as runners we've signed the indemnity form but then.. the organizer should be more alert and provide some assistance here! Its going to be a negative point if he has morbidities in the end..
I did enjoy my run however. I met the OGKL gang ; Deeno n wife, Fahmi and wife , Syuk at the end and it was good to see them! It was tough to complete the course but in the end it was exhilarating. The runner's high of endorphin is true and i look forward to push myself again!!

****UPDATE :
The man who collapsed passed away today.. RIP Gary Leon Robert..

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