Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Be clean or exposed

Permatang Pasir by election result came out last night without a surprise. Being DSAI's homegrund, it would be unthinkable for PR to lose there unless there was a really BIG shift of opinion against him. For PR, the by elections so far has proved how influential they can be and should never be underestimated.Eventhough the mainstream media highlighted the glorious campaign & painted a rosy picture for BN; the situation is not BN's pot.
It was a bitter electorate experience for Rohaizat and it was not purely because of the lost which was in a way expected . The manner how his skeletons in the closet was brought out to the public really ruined his reputation. After he was introduced as a candidate, looking young and fresh ; glimmering with new hope.I guess the BN hardcore party goers were thinking the unthinkable to happen. He was up against the PAS candidate who lacked the firepower of a proper statesman.
When the bar council controversy came out, it was startling . Damage control was acceptable but of course one may question how in the hell did the vetting committee missed this? And the second wife issue... perrgghh.. sorry bang , that is a no-no especially among the malay lady voters. Rohaizat is definitely in trouble with his first wife as it is an issue which will hurt and pose humiliation! He was not able to answer to the allegations convincingly and even tried denying it.
The moral of the story: If you have a dodgy background or you did something really stupid before, own up before somebody else dig it up! Its the internet age and you cannot hide it... transparency they say....


Anonymous said...

Kalau macam ini, sah sah I kenot jadi politician wan.Jadi politician's wife can or not ah?

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Alang-alang chua soi lek pun kena sack..