Monday, August 03, 2009

Congratulations Chip Sharil!!

TO my friend Sharil Sharudin aka Chip...Congratulations!!! TAHNIAH!! Welcome to the club!! ( handsome habis tu... :)
The last of the Mahawangsa gang got married during the weekend. We were all waiting for him to get married to complete the circle. Never too late to embrace happiness right? :)
It was good timing because it was on the Adidas KOTR day ;meaning good recovery lunch was at hand!!!
Azad el al , Mafiz et al , Azlan et al, Nurleena , Alfendi , Edrin with his daughter was around when we came. We were not able to get a bigger group pic when Azad , Mafiz and Nurleena went off early but it was fun to see each other again. Reminiscence of JEBAT came out very strongly and the MMBBUUAAHH spirit is still much alive! Of course , we were in the same English 1119 tuition class at one time and that was how the four of us had strong recollection of old jokes.. hehehe

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