Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The grass is greener..

So i heard ( well, heard it directly from the horse's mouth too!) that few of my "role-model"s in Anaesthesia is moving on with their lives! Meaning they are off too the private sector! As Anaesthesia specialists they are the best in their field and I am sure those who've come across them would agree as much!
Money is certainly the motivation factor here ; getting at least 5 FOLD more than what they earn now is an offer one cannot resist. That is the unfortunate lure which only a stupid fool would refuse. Its easy to say we want to help mankind and treat the unfortunate but in reality, life is about expenses and the more money one has, the more one can be sure off. Lots of loans to pay off , car , housing , child education etc and life is not getting cheaper by the day.Its true that private life can be taxing and busy but at the end of the day , the amount of money justifies it!
Wifey herself is contemplating because of the thesis trauma she had in these last few months of her speciality training( if there was any training in the first place). Some are made for it and some could just not do it ! Wifey found out late to realize she is not into academia life so much. After hearing what my seniors will be getting , wife herself went into the angan-anagan mat jenin mode!! Ahahahaha
Well as for me.. I can't really say whether i will continue to serve or join the "dark" side. I still have not passed my exams yet! It is very early for me to say but of course , this topic is a possibility and a reality check for every of us. You enjoy working with the chaos and havoc in government seting but after sometime maybe it is not the point anymore..
I reckon what is important is our true intentions ; niat. And in sincerity insya allah , god will reward for ones' deeds.


mafiz said...

i totally agree with your last statement. it's your 'niat' that counts. one shouldn't be too self centric if you know what i mean. you could still have a balance between helping mankind and making more money. to me it gives more satisfaction to help the unfortunate. rubbing shoulders with the less privileged makes you feel humble and blessed.

dochisyam said...

Brader Mafeitz,
memang the grass is greener, but do you feel the same satisfaction when you get there. I agree with Mr Mafiz, its the niat that is important.
I think mot of us doctors had the same niat when we started out. No body wanted to become rich by taking up medicine.Otherwise we would have taken up law kan? :-)


Anonymous said...

been there, done that. I think that money is extremely important, especially if you want to do something worthwhile like secure good invesments or your kids education. we never know what may happen...
but seriously bro, our shit 24 hour calls and back breaking workload is fun!

Anonymous said...

the money kat akhirat la

gaban pendek said...

yalah of course niat is penting. but not all private doctors are niat-less if you know what i mean. a lot of private doctors were dept heads and professors who probably treated tens of thousands and taught thousand of students. plus, some private doctors still treat patients at the end of the day. not fairlah kalo ada MB ChB, MRCP, MMed and yet look longingly at someone with a law degree living much better.

doya said...

the new baby is so cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!!!