Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feelings of ramadhan

Its ramadhan again ; time moves so fast that I can still remember what i wrote in my 1st of ramadhan entry last year! It looks like I may resort to cooking my own iftar tomorrow.. hhehehe
To all muslims; this is the month of full blessings. We are all encouraged to multiply our efforts in ibadah to take advantage of the "pahala" sale offered by Allah. It is a month of reflection; to look back at what you have achieved so far in life and evaluate it in tandem with god's will and not wrath.
I find ramadhan to be challenging every year ; i dunno why it is specifically during this month I am always tested. THe non-presence of satan is guranteed but still one has to fight within in finding the best solution for all. Its not easy to maintain one's composure. Sometimes thinking about it can make my mind go bonkers. Honestly i still can't figure why I am not insane by now..perhaps I am already!! hahahahaha Its easier to be misunderstood these days which i can't comprehend the facts. Once bitten twice shy they say..
Well, they don't call it ramadhan for nothing, right? hehehehe Ramadhan Al Mubarak to all my dear friends:)

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Azad said...

waaa gantung SLR kat tengkok nampak. Baru beli ke?