Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life after Masters

Life has been hectic, and for all you know its ramadhan again. Life in ICU Sungai Buloh will always be busy because we have the biggest number of ICU bed in Malaysia. 18 full ICU and 6 HDW which we manage together. WOrking with the Consultant in charge was a change as the intensity of closed ICU can be felt like shivers to your spine. Being under one of Malaysia's expert is an eye opener; as we try to serve as the National Neurotrauma centre. Of course, the human resource issue from Dato Chua Jui Meng days of galant infrastructure becomes a legacy inherited without much can be done. I guess that is the only issue we are having at the moment; well been sitting on it for the past 4 years i guess. Nothing has change much here where Medical Officers who opted for Anaesthesia may have turned off because of such high intensity of care. The OT remains at only 4 but the ICU bed never shrunk instead bloom in size. I can see the stress that the ICU Consultants are having at the moment; and the possibility of fatigue may come sooner than expected. COnstant intense energy with lots of enthusiasm and positive energy to pull one through.
I was told about the harsh condition that new gazzetting specialist have to go through here.. only a handful remained as most of them who were did not opt to stay and serve. It was scary to hear all type of stories but after being here for 2 months; its not that bad after all. Of course on certain days you are late to go back home but that is part and parcel of ICU care. If only the team was bigger it would really help everybody and encourage more young ones to join the ICU.
As for me, doing intensive care has its advantages what not. Its the dedication which can be off a problem as the balance between patient care, career, family and what we want in life. My "tabik spring" to Intensivists all around Malaysia - only 24 now registered under NSR.. gile sikit!!!
I'm still learning, of course forever in this stage as i embrace the life of a specialist. The challenge now is not about caring for your patients, but to nurture the young enthusiasts and guiding them well in practicing safe anaesthesia. I reckon that will be the responsibility which can be taxing to few. Its not about me and my practice anymore; its about what my padwans do and will do.. sounds scarier when i put it this way..

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dochisyam said...

Congrats bro on the convo.
Now the 'real' training starts in the real world.
Good luck