Sunday, August 15, 2010

Neglected ideas..

I must say that I have not been as persistent as how I've been in maintaining my blog. July was a very busy month for me ; I was regretting for committing for too many things! Hahaha but I reckon this has always been the way i've led my life. Its just when you have exams, you tend to prioritize as much as you can and when its over, all hell breaks loose!
I would partly blame it to the "non-friendly" internet policies both my Uni as well as Hospital Sungai Buloh. Sometimes, when i am relatively free; i would blog in between work. However, as all blogs are blacklisted, there is no way now for me to carve out my creativity spontaneously :)
I have lots of responsibilities now and things expected of me.. which i aim to fulfill and realize! Its not easy being the ones who should have the initiative to make things run. I suppose, it was based on our CVs that he picked us to be in his faculty.. i guess now is the time to show why he was right to pick us! Not to just sit around and wait..instead make things happen!
NB trying very hard to motivate myself after a roungh on call night..

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