Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whats next helter skelter

Life can be so full of surprises as well as unplanned efforts. ( not talking about my 4th coming..by February 2011 hahah) Of course we have plans of what we wanna do but sometimes circumstances change and you have to balance between what you can offer and what you are needed for.
I've never thought about cardiothoracic anaesthesia eventhough I enjoyed my IJN posting. However, recent developments in UiTM may have change my perception as well as future plans. I never thought I'd consider it as my subspecialty training; as regional anaesthesia has always been a passion of mine.
Here I am being given the chance of a lifetime, and for me not to do it may not be wise afer all. The only thing that detered me earlier was the life as an anaesthetist in a cardiac centre. Mana ada life outside? Memang hospital tu rumah kedua literally and to lead that life ; its not something that i want. But looking back, my institution in the future would not be replacing IJN in total ( i hope!! or im totally screwed.. haha) if we are, then i need to get lots of colleague with me.. together.. then life might be bearable. However, being a University; I have to be super multi talented like Prof Patrick ( Dato' now..) and perhaps emulating him would be a good idea at the moment.
well..here goes.. Cardiothoracic.. hello? ...
jadi cam Prof Hwang pun ok gak.. haha but it'll be really scary to be his trainee.. haha

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