Friday, August 27, 2010

Pari Bakar KJ

Ramadhan is the month of ibadah and repentance. It is a special month every year where Muslims fast and the ability to withstand hunger has always been compared to the sufferings of the poor every day. It is also the month of self reflection; as we pray to improve ourselves to be better everyday.
Being in a satellite family without a maid means that there is no way that i can have home cooked food when i return from work. Initially one child was OK but now with 3 to handle, it is definitely a challenge to both me and wifey to even think about cooking. In fact, I can say that my time in the kitchen is more than hers! hahaha
Anyway, so far this year if we're in Bukit Jelutong it would be bazaar food everyday. Unfortunately the Bazaar here has limited variety and I'm a bit bored with the food offered. in fact, maybe dah try semua kot.. hahahaha Unlike in SS2 previously, there were many options either in TTDI, Sg Penchala, KJ, Motorola.. byk tempat..
Of course, my favourite bazaar would always be in KJ. Hmmm.. the smell of my favourite stall; ikan pari bakar..perrghh... drooling man! Therefore, today since it was public holiday in Selangor; i went there just now.. and mmmmmm... ikan pari bakarku!!
So..selamat berbuka puasa..

MAfeitz Mamat

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