Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Legend of the Falls.. The Lesmurdie Dip!

 We were on our back from Mt Dale when I realized a familiar road we were passing. It was near a bushwalk I've done last year; near the Lesmurdie falls.Quickly, I asked Syafiq to reconfigure the GPS to see where we are and is the falls nearby.. and Walah.. it was just 3km away from where we were! Alhamdulillah.. it was a perfect spot for us to perform Zuhr. However, the GPS brought us to another starting site which i never knew about. It was near to the foot of the falls when last year , I walked from the top of the falls. Upon looking at the signage.. waahh.. less than a km away from our parking spot.
 The falls was certainly amazing! I saw it late Spring towards summer therefore the flow of water was much less. Now in mid winter, it was flowing to its strength and with Perth having one of their rare really wet winters.. it certainly made the waterfalls to function at its maximum! Subhanallah..
And.. since we had a go at the previous falls, WHY NOT again? hahaha Why not..why not... such a powerful motivational term theme I've been influenced by in the past few months!

 It was cold I must say.. (haha.. abistu dah winter..takkan panas kot?) but maybe not as cold as EMES falls. We were blessed with the clear skies that we suddenly had and it became one of my best moment in Perth outdoors so far! I am glad i did not chicken out and just did it! Alhamdulillah.. it was such an amazing feeling being one with nature :)
We may be a bit crazy but not that crazy to spend that much time in the cold freezing water. It was just good enough to enjoy it for a while, had a feel and suddenly it was not cold anymore! We are invincible! hahaha Alhamdulillah, the trek trip we had was certainly good and god work in mysterious ways.. There maybe reason why we did not reach Beraking and to finish the day with another waterfall dip.. was PRICELESS :)

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