Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mandurah wet visit

 I planned the Saturday for a long ride to Joondalup. The unexpected rain certainly dashed my hopes but that morning I was ready to go somewhere. Therefore, I decided to visit Mandurah - 70km away from Perth.
It used to be a small fishing town and currently is being developed as a tourist attraction. Most of the tours offered on seeing/touching/swimming with dolphins and sea lions would depart from this port. Apparently you would not be dissappointed with their cruises.

 I did not plan to take the cruise as yet for I may want to board it with my parents or family members when they come to Perth again. I did not do anything much, just walked on the foreshores , planks and of course the New Venice which was certainly well done! I do hope to own one of those one day.. haha Otherwise, it was a light and easy solo trip topped up with a Cicerrello's seafood lunch :)

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