Sunday, June 17, 2012

Melbourne trip

I did not really plan the trip. It was just coincidence that I took few more days off "konon"nya to destress after my PostGrad U/S exams. I managed to finish it early from the dateline and of course, Shakti was free this month because he is on Pain rotation. Therefore Carpe Diem!
I took the cheapest flight off Perth which is Tiger Airways with low expectation. Budget airline la katakan. Haha experience with AirAsia would certainly make one wise about travelling by flight and to expect the unexpected! However, I must say that for single travellers it is such a good flight! The timing maybe off as its the midnight flights off but it kind of save days that you want to spend. This only applies to those travelling adults - Having kids would be a total nightmare!
 Arrived in Melbourne in the wee hours of the morning in Terminal 4. A definite "pariah" terminal as everything was outdoors! Boarded off flight on the tarmac and then taking our luggage in an open air area! Of course the first thing about Melbourne was the low temperature! Beku wooo!
Took a cab to Shakti's place which was about 15 minutes away from the airport in Keilor. Managed to catch him before work and it was 2 years before we last saw each other.
I then followed Sutina in her car; her dropping me off on a tram station. ( In Melbourne there is no bus ..but trams!)And off i went to the city.My first impression upon arrival in Flinders Station? Hahaha memang terasa cam budak kampung ! Melbourne is big.. definitely bigger than Perth! A busy city indeed. A certain nostalgic feeling suddenly came back; the feeling of travelling alone like what I used to do quite sometime back. I went to the Information Centre in Federation Square for what I was to explore that day.
 The highlight of my day was certainly the Skydeck! Highest point of Southern Hemisphere :) I do make a point to reach the highest point wherever I go and in Melbourne, I've definitely done that:) Reminds me of my time in CN Tower in Toronto as well as Sears Tower in Chicago! Cool! Otherwise Melbourne is definitely a bust justling city which i explored by foot half way.

 I went for a trip up the Victoria Hills the next day but that'll be a special blog on its own. We went to the Warribbee Open Zoo on Sunday. Shakti has this thing with zoos and he actually has a yearly pass to this premise. Cool.. And it was cool to be in the small Safari ride around the park seeing the animals roaming around. I certainly liked the giraffes walking in a line.. Betul2 macam Mafia! haha

                                                   the bus was like a spaceship!

                                                                 Tiger SHow literally.. haha
 We made a short 2 hours road trip to Shepparton after that. It was a long way up to the country as we were visiting Usha - a colleague from Royal Perth and previously in UM. It was a certainly nice town up there and Gobie & Usha was happy to receive us. Her house was certainly a dream house and something that you wish you can have.I thought we were the first Malaysians to visit her but apparently Prof Gracie beat us to it! Hahaha Thank you Gobie & Usha for the hospitality :)

And it was just nice that my flight back home was on an early Tuesday morning :( I had fun and I guess i should do this to other cities in Aussie before going back home for good.

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