Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mt Mambup,Bell's rapid and EMES falls hike

 I had planned this trip with GEBU in April - a day before I left for Malaysia. However it never materialised because of few issues and I had to get something for home that Saturday. After coming back from Melbourne, I had another day off and i figured out that I should do something interesting. Contacted Syafiq as i knew he was done with the exams and its the Semester holidays at the moment.
 The only main issue is neither of us had transport and we had to go on the public transport. The only drawback to that the starting point is 2.1km away from the last bus stop which is along Northern highway just before Copley Road. I knew, it is only with Syafiq that I will be comfortable doing this hike as i can gauge his abilities after the few that we have done together.I have to give credit to the website walkgps as without it, I could not have done the few walks that I've done- as the information, the map and the GPS coordinate is certainly very-very crucial to the success of the walks! Thanks again! 
 The climb to the summit of Mt Mambup was a bit of a challenge as the hike up was straight up.. We started off from about 20m above sea level, having to reach the summit of 220m! haha There was a bit of huff and puff but it was what we wanted anyway. The weather was definitely getting better as the predicted rain did not really make its appearance in the Swan Valley.
What made the trek up to the summit interesting was the number of wild kangaroos that we met along the trek. I did felt like somebody was watching us and when we stopped and lookd around.. Alas! There were few kangaroos looking at us from a far. We tried to take some photos by moving to them but unfortunately the movement and of course, a phone call i received made them run away!
                                                  Spot the 3 of us :)
                                                  Useful map and coordinates
                                                 Arwah kangaroo on track
 The descend down was good and we were to arrive at Bell's Rapid. Coming in winter is definitely a must as the river swan is filled up well especially a record of rainfall last month and this on going winter.It was definitely National Geographic stuff watching the rapids and being there was just Subhanallah.. This is why I like being in WA!

 Based on the information given as well as the map track, we went looking for what was called the unnamed falls. Apparently the falls is only obvious during winter months and it is an opportunity which we would not want to let go. The trek to the falls can be challenging at times, having to climb above and by the side of the rough rocks - but arriving at the falls was definitely a heavenful feeling ! Berbaloi and memang cantik!
We were already there.. and it was really beautiful. The sound of the falls hitting the ground was simply amazing.. It was in the middle of winter, it was cold.. and like a true JACKASS movie scene, both of us had a go to enjoy the waterfall! Hahaha Gile psycho.. It was damn cold..but it was worth the fun and of course, the action! Sapa pernah buat bro? hahaha Pyscho hanya sekali!!
I am certainly glad i made the trip. I must thank Syafiq for being a good companion and partner - especially during the times when we discovered that we maybe off track! hahaha Honestly, Eventhough the bush maybe well marked, one needs the coordinate to confirm one's position and not assume the trail on the map is the main track on the ground!


arcane said...

this looks amazing!
what time did you guys arrived there before starting the bush walk? and what time did u guys head back?

i'm in perth too! teringin nya nak pergii :D

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Perth mmg amazing if you love outdoors.. Loads of it around here and atypical of Malaysians to do such things :) Mt Mambup and Bell's Rapid is in Upper Swan. Kalau naik train Midlands sampai Midlands station!
This was a day trip.. keluar awal pagi balik nak gelap; reason being we used Public transport. Kalau ada kereta the story is a bit different.
I would suggest, for a start; head for Lesmurdie falls which is near the city. A relatively easy and nice walk with a beautiful falls as a reward.One of the top 40 trails in WA. Naik public transport pun boleh sampai.