Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hotdocs futsal 2013

Another cheat post which should have been in 2013.. hehehe
The students organized a futsal tournament and it was something we could not miss off! The training that we have put in the recent months of our weekly futsal need to be tested.We enrolled 2 teams and was confident that we could produce or prove something to students and staff.. haha Boy were we wrong.. hehehe 
 Commitment, fitness, teamwork and skill.. we may possess the 4th criteria but we were lacking in the other departments glaringly! haha We lost all our games but played full heartedly, chased after the ball hard and obtained bruises to prove our commitment to the game and team! The pitch was not perfect but as a student's tournament it should not be the main factor!

I enjoyed my night fully with the boys.. Imagine, a group of speicalists trying to rekindle the passion and feel for the game as of how it used to be..The bumps and humps we have now is certainly a pale shadow of how we used to be haha 

The sad thing about the whole thing was, it was sort of a farewell for Tengku, our respected senior who is moving to greener pasture. All the best Tengku and you will be sorely missed in the Faculty :(

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