Tuesday, January 07, 2014

U/S Regional Anaesthesia Workshop in Yangon

28 December 2013, I was priviledged to be invited to speak at a workshop in Yangon. When Shah asked if any of us were interested to represent SIGRA in Myanmar, i was pretty much excited. Why? There are a lot of things we have heard about Myanmar; and just post 1 week after SEA Games it would be interesting to be in the former capital city of Myanmar! I would love to see what Yangon is all about, a country with a rich heritage and conquest history.3 days before New Year isn't a bad time to be in Yangon!

The Workshop was held in Summit Parkview Hotel which was just opposite the People's Park and the huge Pagoda. Anaesthetists around Yangon and Mandalay came to participate in this rare event for them. After the recent lifting of the trade embargo by UN, the country is now more accepting of foreign investment and product. Thus, GE ( the company who sponsored me) were keen to help them to be introduced to Regional Anaesthesia via Ultrasound. Ms Kim who is the GE educator became my host when i was there.

 It was nic e to have met up with my fellow colleagues from Myanmar. Little is known about what they do but I'm sure they are very busy with their daily practices. The stories i share with them is similar to mine which tells me that wherever we are , the problems will be the same! haha What was interesting is how most of them still use the landmark Paraesthesia technique. According to one consultant, to use the nerve stimulator they would need to buy the needles which is out of the hospital budget. However, with ultrasound they can just invest on one machine and use it to confirm their deposition of the local anaesthetic agent!

I enjoyed my time here and of course, I do looke forward to be in Yangon again some day :)

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