Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tanah Aina Fara Soraya holiday with the kids

This is a cheat post. It was supposed to be in the December entry but as I've reached my KPI, so I'm sneaking this post in the January 2014 to increase my 2014 blog entries.. hehehe

It was an outdoor type of holiday during Christmas. Wifey booked the place early in November and i managed to squeeze my schedule so that i can come for this holiday. It is a quiet place, can be a little bit expensive but my my it was worth all the money. This outdoor eco resort is situated in Raub, just off Bentong. Unless you are a web holiday browser, you would not know the existence of this place. It is quiet, really in the jungle but one can be really surprised with the facilities. Everything they mentioned and pictures you see in their website, is as it is if not better!

Getting there
If you follow the directions given in the website or the confirmation email, it was easy. It was very precisely described and it was not difficult if you look and trace the route on the map before hand. The signage was clear except the one after the Tanah Aina restaurant. We were not sure how far it was and after going into a town centre, you wonder if you have bypassed it. However when we were about 500m away from the parking, one should not miss the signboard.
Once arrived at the parking, you will be greeted by 4x4 and all your luggages will be brought by them or a special high powered truck. This was indeed a new experience for the kids and they thoroughly enjoyed it!

The chalets were superb. It depends on your party whether you come in big numbers or personally; and you'll be catered as such. There are also tents prepared for visitors if that is what you have in mind. It is very organized and i must say the staff were really helpful and freindly. We took the 6 pax chalet called Ulam Raja and it was excellent. What i liked most was the personal stairs to the river bank! It was superbly convenient and easy to get the kids down to be introduced what Malaysian rivers are about! We enjoyed our time there and had our dip twice a day! 
The toilets were also 6 star quality! No where in Malaysia you can find such toilet in an eco-resort. I really do salute the owners as I can see how they built up this place. Not for commercial reasons but in the mind of if they were themselves visitors on what they want it to be like.
 Food was of course another thing to mention. The charge were reasonable as the food was also 6 strar hotel type with dessert each time! I had to skip few meals because i have eaten too much and with no buring fat activities, my weight did sore up! hahaha
Besides dipping in the river with the kids (which should be the main reason for coming to an eco resort!) The activities were good and organized well. We had a river trekking trip to a waterfall. The support by the crew was excellent and all my kids were well taken care off up to the waterfall. At the waterfall, we were to take part in the leap of faith jump! A 17ft jump from a platform which looked easy but believe me you would be surprised to see how people would just chicken out! I enjoyed the activity really well and even Qayyum did his jump! haha Qaisya was about too but being 7, if she were to take the leap it wasa bonus.. Maybe not this time.

 A short morning walk and night walk was organized for us. It was the same route up and again they were very supportive of all team members to arrive at the destination. At night, we all closed our torches and observed the clear skies to amaze at the blinking stars. In the morning, we were appreciating the sunrise with fog on the horizon. It was nice and certainly enjoyable. It was simple but i guess enough as an introduction to the young ones.

The flying fox was another attraction. I never thought the kids would be daring enough to just have a go. I guess their swimming confidence paid their due as both of them enjoyed the ride really well! I was really surprised but at the same time happy for them. I have always enjoyed this activity and seeing them enjoying it is certainly a pleasure!

It was a surprise enjoyable weekend, something for the kids and they embraced it well. Defintely, i will look into something like this in our future trip.

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