Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As busy as a bee

It has been a busy month for me. I've really made myself so busy that i could not find to do my usual social media rounds! Imagine having the issue of not being active on FB/twitter more so with my blog! I did aim to be more active on blogging for 2014 but somehow that aim seemed to sleep away during this March and April period.
Every weekend in March was about attending a course, giving talks, organizing conferences, preparing presentations, submitting research proposals, video for my innovateur project on top of my open heart cases to do!! btw we are 50 now :) Golden jubilee of cases done in CTC! :)
I was so knackered that on the last weekend, i had to give a critical care update in IJN up! My mind was too saturated with things that i was wobble and honestly i have to recall what i did! haha 
It just so happened that during this time, the mystery saga of MH370 is still going on. I guess by now the sensationalism of the dissapearance had toned down. The SAR team is busy trying to identify where the black box is, very deep in the Indian Ocean almost 5000km away from Perth. Still ..we have no confirmation of any physical connection to MH370.. very very bizzare still..
I guess i am having my breather now thus this entry. I am trying really hard to make myself available for updates on this blog.I totally love this blog (infactuation with myself! haha) and i really wanna keep it going. At least something that will make my passion of writing to remain constant! :)

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