Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Proposals, publications and the fear of rejection

Suddenly last month i became active in writing proposals for grants. As university lecturers, by right this should be my bread and butter. It is one part of my career which i thought i have not progressed so far with yet. The main reason probably because in my current department, we don't really have naybody publishing extensively. I believe to publish in high impact journals, the journet is by mentorship. One needs to have an excellent mentor and continue his legacy.I do have a senior Prof with me, PK but publishing is not his forte.
After the last Research meeting, i sort of change my stratergy. Instead of moaning our pity of not haing our own hospital and patients to do research I have moved to .. lets look what grant is available and apply. It'll be more practical and more goal oriented. The outcome maybe variable but at least i've put in the effort.I feel it is better than trying to propose something clinical and end up just talking and doing nothing. Lets try to do something and let the efforts produce results. Sounds fair kan?

Of course, I am really bitter with my last experience sending a proposal.ERGS. It was not the rejection but on the manner of explanation of why it did not make through. Everybody had high hopes with that project and thought it would have been really good. Therefore, i've submitted it again but to Escience fund this time with my colleague as the project manager. Hopefully it will be good to start.. a very extensive project and if it happens, hurrah for the department!
I am having high hopes for my other innovation project to be recognized and called for pitching in the incoming innovateur competition in UiTM. It is an interesting innovation which i shared and made the prototype with my perfusionist. Haha suddenly this grant and competition came and i thought why not try.. Try dying rather than talk a lot and nothing is done :) Sometimes you have to be a bit eccentric to come up with all the ideas, a bit of courage to just step in and try one's luck. Not anything serious but i am sure marketable. 
Its not easy to juggle in between being a clinician, a lecturer and a researcher. In Malaysia there are not that many of them and if they are, sometimes we do not know whether their work-life balance exist. I am not attempting to be one but i am sure any ideas we have in mind should be translated and realized. I am definitely a professor material but i am close enough to having tonnes of ideas in my mind.. I remembered those days when i can't sleep and had to wake up to my drwaing table to chart down my running mind.
Watch the space.. lets see whether i will be more motivated or my enthusiasm shot down straight up !

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