Friday, April 18, 2014

Intensive Care Nephrology in Penang

I had the opportunity to join the programme by the Intensive Care Society of Malaysia in collaboration with the HK Univ BASIC course. I am handling the CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) machine in CTC UiTM therefore i should well equip myself with the latest practice and do's.I know it will be good because of the mechanical ventilation workshop i attended earlier which was under their wing as well.
 Of course, once it is organized by a Hong Kong Based Institution, exams will be one important aspect of the course! We had a pre test to do which me and Azman did atthe very last minute! 
This was my first road trip with Azman, going to Penang! We drove in from CTC on Wednesday evening and arrived in Penang via the new bridge at 9pm. Of course, right after arriving we had to go for Nasi Kandar and it was my first time going to Nasi Kandar Line Clear! It was really really nice and amazingly cheap as compared to the Kandars in KL.

I enjoyed the course thoroughly. I definitely learnt a lot and thats what one wants when going to these courses. We of course had an exam to solidify what we've learnt.. typical kiasuness.. hahaha And of course now, i am more confident to give my dose for RRT :)

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