Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Memories rekindled.. RHAPID999

It was nice to have had a projectto work on.. and joining a competition as a team together with your colleagues. It was certainly an experience of a lifetime.
 I guess why i joined the competition was because of the video making.. it was a fun thing i loved to do during my younger days. It is a hobby which i had long before the youtube and internet era.

The idea was simple. It was something that we do need to use in our hectic OT life. With exposure, it was an idea which was a dream to be. and hence the formation of team RHAPID999. Haha It was certainly a fairy tale ending to a fairy tale project!
When I got a call from RIBU informing that we qualified for the finals, i was jubilant! Haha Next was pitching and it is in this area that I am really confident to play my trade :)
*to be continued in another post*

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