Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Winner! Innovateur Wannabe 2014 UiTM

It was a historical moment for us. historical moment for the faculty. Being a newbie in this long tradition of Iidex for the UiTM. Somehow throughout the years under KY, this was never a consideration or perhaps.. we were looking specific in our fraternity ; forgetting what resources and chances are available around us.Creating the video for the competition was one thing, having to pitch in front of the judges and the crowd was another. Who would have thought, the humble us RHAPID999 from Faculty of Medicine would be up there to play our game?
 It was a proud moment, not just to win it but the chance to present on the main stage of DATC - the main hall of UiTM Shah Alam, the main hall for Convocation!Had my jitters but doing something that i like, there was never a time i doubt myself being able to perform on that stage that day!
 Kudos to my team members, Azman and Hambali. Of course to my staff and those who supported us during the course of exhibition. Certainly, an achievement for me this year and an inspiration to my future colleagues and juniors ;)

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