Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shadow HO 2014- behind the scenes

Its that time of the year again! My favourite bit of the year! Honestly, i don't think anybody understands what i do with my SHOES during the past but it will always be my baby. SHOES had the best reviews in every programme and i will do my best to maintain it. However, it can be overwhelming with the increasing number of candidates in MBBS 220/222.
 This year though was a bit different, I was recommended by Ikhsan to take over the coordinator post. Yup..being in charge of Shadow HO. At first, i did thought of not accepting it bacuase of the things i was doing at the time when i received the call from Prof Hamim.( Innovateur , ANZCA meeting, SIGRA etc) However, I still accepted it knowing having to juggle everything atthe same time. 
I can be very idealistic, where with the role of coordinator i wanted to change everything! haha It was not realistic however given the short time and my other commitments. After a short discussion with my comrades in arms Izzat, i thought otherwise. Maybe what i should concentrate on is th core objective. I believe slowly it is going tangential and the new doctors may find it as a waste of time. That is my challenge this year; to solidify KY's initial idea and aspirations with this programme.
Being coordinator puts me in a different role; the engagement of my trainees became a core part of the whole deal. What better if not to train my future staff on the philosophy and handling of this programme. I am sure , the earliest test to see whether it was the right decision to choose them will be this task. In a way, i am lucky to have bright and intelligent trainees who understood what needs to be done. 
There were few topics i slashed off because i thought it was too boring.Bringing in practical topics was my intention and by having Muiz in it would make things interesting.
I had to change the approach of SHOES. METI is not well this time though. hmmm.. it was a bit of a bummer but a change of idea was the way to go. I had to change it to CRM- Crisis Resource Management focussing more on communications in HO situations.
I had to give the grads more focus. The best way i suppose was to get output from them. Make their last day, the day they will remember. The day i wished i had during my last day in med school. Therefore, had them to do a video project.. 4 groups 4 videos. Honestly, i don't know what to expect of them and the quality of their product. It can be either extremities but i guess there must be a first time. At least, if they are not too engrossed to go to the ward, i get them to think of a project getting people together. This will test their non technical soft skills to organize.. Well, HO is about knowing what to do in order with others rather than what was learnt during medical school.
These changes can be a bit revolutionary because of the labour intensivity. But lets give it a go i thought, the easiet way was just to autorun it and whatever lah the outcome. However, this was and will never be my style. I wanna make what is associated with me something to be remembered. 
How it turned out.. next blog posting.. too tired tonight to continue...

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