Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Shadow HO UiTM - Part deux

We completed the HO Shadow programme on May 16. I must thank my committee: Naim, Fairuz, Saleha and Jihan for helping me out to carry on this project. They were certainly in their elements during the simulation CRM session! It was certainly heart warming and i hope the newly graduated doctors found it useful. 
 I must thank Izzat too who with his team, Halim & Amin organized the short 1 day update on emergency medicine. We had it in the Academy of Medicine, Malaysia in KL. I reckon it was a good plan laid out by Dato Amin to get the kids exposed to CME and medical societies. At least they know.. whether they will pick it up later and be active, that is at their perusal. Adults make their own informed decisions.
 The closing ceremony was certainly well done. What made it different this year was the new doctors' involvement in every session.They were the MCs, they were the co organizers and not us. I was proud seeing them read the oath, which was a new thing this year. And of course, the videos.. the small short project of them working together for the last time. I must say i am pretty impressed wih their work! Excellent job guys to finish your 5 years of medical school in a relaxed and enjoyable manner! Kudos!
So.. what will be in store for 2015? haha more creative ideas and something that they will not forget :)
And of course to all the young doctors of MBBS 220 UiTM, All the best in your future endevours. Eventhough i did not spend much time with you guys in the last 5 years, of course having the opportunity to be with you before you enter real life was a pleasure :)

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