Sunday, June 08, 2014

Same issues of rambling again.. when will it stop?

It can be encouraging when somebody acknowledges your achievements and aspirations. It is disheartening when you cannot share your enthusiasm and passion because of differential of opinions. Having a totally different wavelength of ideas can be frustrating because you realize that talking in a tangential manner can be a real letdown to one own's emotions. 
Having different goals and reward belief makes it almost impossible to look for a common solution and goal. Initially i thought i would not be affected by this but as time grew, slowly it eats that bit of growing positive potential and in the end create that bit of doubt in the ability to let things out in the open.I just wish it was easier to share this out but unfortunately the cocoon that surrounds the other mind is overwhelming. How do you penetrate that super egocentric persona? 
What am i exactly rambling about at the moment?? 
Hahaha.. its one of those times when one ponders one's life cycle. At the moment, i have that bit of Jerry Macguire inspiration of writing a mission statement in a hotel room somewhere faraway from home! hahahaha

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