Tuesday, June 03, 2014

MY Klang Century Ride 2014- Wakenabeb

I knew about this ride quite sometime ago but it was only the last day of registration that i braved myseif to join this race.It was not the full century, of 100 miles or 160km.. but only 108km ( corrrection..128km) I did not register for Kuantan Century this year, perhaps too traumatic with last year's experience! hahaha And i guess that is the reason why there were still place for grabs at the last minute because the events were one week after another.
2014 has been a crappy year for my fitness. It had spiralled down so bad that i am not sure whether i can regain it back ever. 2012-13 was my best..in fact the fitness level was the best ever even compared to when i was younger. Time is precious and something that i find it difficult to find back in Malaysia. The weather is another reason as the unpredictability seemed to impair the activities that i want to do!! 
Therefore with limited distance practice, me, Azad and Kamal ( the usual lah) decided  to join this race. The atmosphere was good; the organizers did put a lot of effort to ensure the event as international as it can be. The number of participants was not too bad, i am sure if KCR was a distance away we could have doubled the participants and perhaps i could not enter at the very last day of registration!!
Overall it was not too bad. I knew that after 70km.. that will be the determining factor whether one can finish the event or not. I was thankful that my cramps only crept in after the 95km mark.. haha boy was i struglling to keep on going and not stop. I knew that if i had to stop.. then thats it lah.. sure kantoi! hahaha
The one issue that all racers had that day was the water station. There was only one.. and itupun kena tipu! haha What happened was it was notified that the first water station will be at the 63km mark.. and when people were at the 60+ mark... no water station in view.. haha even i had to stop at a stall where they sold air kelapa.. In the end it was at the 73km mark.. why? because the first rolling 15km was not counted.. hahaha wakenabeb betul!! 
Managed to finish the race in time..Alhamdulillah, but i struggled till the end.. not easy! hahaha

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