Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The blog survival - keep it alive!

Its encouraging to know that even now i do get people coming up to me and saying.. " I read your blog.. its entertaining!" hahaha What?? People do still read blogs? Haha Thank you to all my silent readers out there, though i do know where i stand amongst those with thousands of fans and readers.. I remember when blog was a phenomenon and almost everybody i know had some kind of blog stint.. It was the era where people still reads because that is what blogging and following a blog is all about. I had my blogging friends; a small group of blogger doctors and interestingly we do know each other well. They had the more popular blogs compared to mind. Dr Frappucino.. Dr Shah.. to name a few. I know ben abandoned his blog (for other personal reason) and i have not read Shah's blog for a very long time. At one time he was into culinary and food was the galore porn of his blog! Now he is an established triathlete and residing in KK.

Of course then facebook came into the picture. And twitter.. both social media tools which were more friendly in the sense of simpler and small short sentences that connected all of us in the cyber world. If you do realize,  a lot of bloggers abandoned their blog because the time spent writing up a blog entry can be time consuming. Paradoxically i think now people waste more time going through their timelines to see what othr people say. Sometimes too nonsence for one's mind !!

I fell into that persona when FB and twitter cam about. My blog entry became mundane and in a way, fb and tweets gave me a sort of thought block. It was not easy to write as how it used to be. And pictures became the essence to express and of course Instagram came about.. haha Luckily I went to Australia and somehow i had more time in front of my PC. I started to blog again properly sharing my aussie adventures and it was a good feeling to do that. It is one of my earlier objective anyway; to keep a simple diary so that either my children or further offprings who can google and look up how i lived my life. I am sure my entries will be interesting for my children; its just that they are not really browsing my blog at the moment. In a few years time, they will be the one who will be my loyal reader. I know Qaisya will be a really keen reader ; and imagining my behaviour at this moment in time. 

So apa tunggu lagi guys.. Keep on reading and may my blog survive the times and remains as a reference for future outgoing doctors :)

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