Tuesday, June 10, 2014

USGRA workshop in USM 8-9 June

This was my fourth time going to HUSM Kubang Kerian. The last 2 were during my final year of Masters; the intensive course that brought me to Hadyaai and of course, the exams itself. This time around, i was invited by the department via Dr Rhendra to facilitate his USGRA workshop. I have always been amazed by their department; independent and self sustaining which has produced many Anaesthesiologists in the past.It was just a short 2 days workshop but i reckon one of my most memorable one because of the participant's enthusiasm. Yet again, this was my chance to go to Kota Bharu as if it is not for business, i don't think i would just go there to chill. 
Coming on a Sunday was a bit odd, as it is a working day in Kelantan but a public weekend in most other states. Somehow without me realizing it, yup.. it was a public holiday for them as well because of Agong's birthday the day before. Dr Rhendra picked me up from the airport and off we went to the hospital for the initial part of the workshop in the afternoon.
It was a simple basic talk about USGRA and we then proceeded with the live model scanning. I must say the level of enthusiasm by the participants were encouraging and i did not mind at all talking more than i should! haha The dinner was excellent as we went to Juara Ikan Bakar which served totally fresh seafood. I ate all my heart (literally) and it was really with full tummy that i went to sleep. I managed to catch up with Zul as well, (my staff nurse from the Ormoc Mercy mission) and we went to Wakaf Che Yeh. Eventhough it was not a weekend night, i thought the crowd was aplenty and i guess the popularity of Kelantan as a shopping hub.

The next day was the live cases and alhamdulillah we did get our bulk to do. 3 Upper Limb blocks and 2 Lower Limb Blocks. The saphenous nerve was the hardest as I did take some time to do it. The visuals were not great and that impaired my confidence but we had to settle it.. haha malulah facilitator tak bule nak tunjuk.. 
My appreciation to the USM Department of Anaesthesia for having me there and insya-Allah, if there is another invite, i would surely to accept.

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