Monday, June 16, 2014

Its back.. and sebulan bola!

Yup.. the fever is back.. the excitement is back.. the event that all footie fans wait for every four years!

FIFA World Cup!! The ultimate football prize and the most celebrated event in the world! This year it is being held in Brazil, too far for many of us but so far since the opening game it has been exhilarating. Surprisingly all games played so far has been exciting and no draws as yet (till 16/6). It is not like the world cups in the past few editions where there can be boredom but this time around, the teams are all exciting and gung-ho persona!
Of course, my favourite game so far would be Holland's trashing over Spain, the reigning world champion! The dutch masterfully played their trade and came out handsomely walloping the current champion!
Even the Switzerland Equador game gave heart attacks when the Swiss scored during the 3rd minute of injury time after 90 minutes had been played. Simply wonderful!
The games are mostly played after midnight in Malaysia and i do foresee certain days where i will be groggy in the morning :)
Viva World Cup! Hup Holland!!!

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