Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crazy fortnite: CPB Penang

My flight to Penang was a bit delayed and i arrived in Penang at 11pm. A quick taxi ride brought me to my hotel called Georgetown City which was previously known as Berjaya Hotel. Azman at this moment in time was still without accommodation and was waiting for me to arrive so that we can have dinner. I have to salute Azman for his perseverence as his car went overheat a few times during his journey from KL to Penang.
When we met for late dinner and check in to his hotel (Apple or something liek that) just beside my hotel i thought that was it for him. Unfortunately.. ada "gangguan" and he had to leave the hotel in mid morning! He tried to call me but i was in my deep sleep.. haha
 We had 4 posters for this Conference. What made ours became very obvious was because where it was positioned; together and smack on the highway. We had lots of remarks about ohh.. UiTM a number of posters etc.. and that is the exact reason why we did this!
I was involved in the oral presentation whilst my other team members in the poster presentation. Eventhough none of us won but the impact of telling the fraternity of our arrival was obvious. Alhamdulillah, as network is an important feature of going far in this field. Make friends not foes and i hope that this will be to better establishment in the future.

It was a hectic weekend.. and i survived it. tired of course but satisfied.

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