Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Teenzania" a day with the heart team in UiTM

The idea came spontaneously.. as we were doing the group whatsapp chat about career and motivation for students via the Alumni. I have always wanted to do something in this line and this was a good opportunity that i reckon will go a long way to motivate te kids who aspire to be in this field.
6 students were selected based on their essay which we gave them time to write. Mafiz was the keen organizer thus the operational thing went on smoothly.
 They were in CTC grounds early as all cardiac team will always have an early start. After a short briefing by myself, i had Pak Lah (Cathlab) and Adli (surgeon) to do the talking and motivation. After that the group was divided into two where one went to OT and the other to the cathlab to have a look on whats going on in our lives everyday.

 The kids were superbly excited and i can see it in their eyes.Having to witness the procedures first hand was out of this world and i guess an opportunity i wished i had during my school days. It is not difficult to organize but at times i do need to make my run ins because of the nature of my job.
Thank you SMKTTDI and hopefully we will have more collaborations in the future.

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