Saturday, June 28, 2014

365 days in perspective: heart team in UiTM 26 June 2014

On top of everything that was going on.. i was put in charge of this exhibition to celebrate our 1st year anniversary of services in CTC UiTM.This is definitely my comeback of organizing things after a very long hiatus! I used to be good at this and to get back into the mood needed a bit of adjustment.
The one year celebration was supposed to be a simple affair, an event to just attract the students and staff about things that we do everyday on Level 4. That was the only objective.. Of course, when presented to MPF, everybody was excited and Walah.. hence the VC invite.
And when the VC's office mentioned interest of attending the programme, the whole affair became SUPER SERIOUS.. and my position as Pengarah Program became a hot seat hahaha
All this with the hectic schedule of what i had to endure, Sabah-Penang.. my CABGs and i even had a remote meeting without my physical presence with the Deputy Dean. I guess it was not too bad because the exhibition part was settled even from the first meeting.The opening ceremony was a headache because of protocols and ensuring perfection. I volunteered for the montage as i know only i can do and envision what i want to be up there. If i was to give it to someone else, it would be not to my taste. This nearly backfired as the montage was only completed at 3am on that day.. haha
 We had a simple team dinner the night before, and the food in Chiang Mai Restaurant was fitted the occasion. Thank you for Ms Betty (our strong supporter) for organizing it and being with us this one year.
 I guess what made the event looked grand was the KRS who were invited to do their rhythmic march and it was something new to the faculty! Never had i felt event organized by the faculty to be happening and the buzz was clear of the excitement. I felt glad that things went according to plan, right from the montage which suited all forms of intellectuals.. haha the Registrar mentioned her worry in her email after congratulating me for the event.

I must thank all who were involved with the whole programme. The admins of CTC, Nurses and the disciplines for the cooperation and first class contribution. I am certainly happy of how things turned out. Prof NorSaadah was visibly impressed and happy to see how we have done it; the one year achievement of cardiac programmes that we have been doing.
To greater years.. Insha Allah..

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