Sunday, June 08, 2014

Regional Anaesthesia commitments

I was delighted and honored when my former Guru: Krishna offered me to join him for the yearly Regional Anaesthesia workshop in Perth and join his team for a charity teaching in India. Having him around earlier this year to be one of our speakers in the local Anaesthesia meeting certainly renewed our ties and i am sure he too wants the linkage to remain.
Getting involved in RA certainly had brought me to a lot of places; maye not as frequent if i had been more active in WINFOCUS but enough for me to go around Malaysia meeting up with lots of colleagues as well as future anaesthetist who i do want them to be interested in RA regardless US or NS.
End of this year i am scheduled to appear in a world conference and i guess that is definitely something big for me. Hopefully one day, i will be invited to be a plenary speaker as that will certainly be the measure of my academic achievement.

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