Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Graduation Dinner UiTM Med Fac 2014

I attended the graduation dinner again this year with a glimpse of last years that I attended. Though I am totally involved with their final exams (unlike my colleagues) i can still feel the connection. Besides that I am sure, the involvement or participation of the teaching staff in student's activities will be much appreciated. I know during my time, it would be simply wonderful to have our lecturers attending our functions.
Unfortunately somehow this year, the staff members who attended the dinner was far shy from last year's event. There can be many reasons but i reckon if there is nothing at bay, this is one event that the staff should support. 
Of course, the group of us attended the dinner; coincidentally the active futsal members of the lecturer's legion.It was a good night out and we thoroughly enjoyed the dinner. Syazli won the smart lecturer's award and I went up to receive the special award for our FORMER Surgical cluster head which i thought was a bit funny myself!haha
MBBS 220 Class of 2014.. Congratulations and All the best in your future endevour! I may not be involved too much during your academic year but definitely in your last days in UiTM.. :)

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