Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The meaning of work and life balance

It is difficult to define this.. the meaning of work and life balance. Its an easy concept but in reality brings a lot of different understandings and perceptions. What matters can vary from one individual to another. It has to do a lot with one's upbringing, one's expectations and one's own need in life.I have come across this juncture numerous times in my lifetime, and till now i really don't have the answer.
The answer lies perhaps on the individual, on what do they really want. Problems will appear when one shares life with another or maybe few others. Having to balance one's expectations with another can be really tricky. It is not easy i can tell you that.Certain beliefs and values can be totally nonsense to another party. How do you moderate that? Of course it is about give and take, but to those with no insight.. how do you deal with it? How do you tip toe between what you think is balance and accept the values which can be contradictory totally?
Hypothetical and i'm sure there will never be a correct answer. Then again, life is not about getting the right answer or follow the right way.Instead its the joy during the journey.Its the experience of accepting imperfections along the way.Not many can understand that. Not many can ever accept that.

So ladies and gentleman..Why so serious???  live your life!!!!! 

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