Thursday, April 17, 2014

MSA ASC 2014 Scientific committee

This month began hecticly with MSA Annual Scientific Congress.This year it was different because the venue changed from the boring Shangri-La to Berjaya Times Square! It was time to breath in a new air into the meeting when held in KL!
 I was roped into the scientific committee and we've been meeting regularly since last year. It was not an easy job; lead by Dr Ina of UM we did have a good team. A good mixture of youth and experience. I am the youngest hehe in the group, with Dr Rohisyam, Muhammad, Vanitha and Ina herself. I thought we did a great job. It was not easy to ensure our contacts; the visiting speakers to come over and join the congress. Krishna was my main invite and it was good that he managed to make it. I was a bit worried in the beginning as i was not sure how his response would be in delivering the talks. 
I was involved with the Paediatric Airway workshop as well! Reason being 
1. it was held in UiTM skills lab 
2. there was a simulation involved and Ina roped me in

I enjoyed myself and of course thanks to Hambali and Shikin who were amazing actors in the process. The simulation was also good as we somehow managed to emulate the ot scene with the limited resources that we had. Kudos to the team.
I gave 2 lectures; really didactic ones but i thought the audience loved it! One was on RA and anticoagulants while the other airway management for nurses.I handled the poster presentation session which was different from previous meetings. We brought in international flavour with E-posters and best 10 posters for evaluation. It felt good and the judges were happy that we ran it this way this year! New dimension of ASC!
It was an interesting experience being involved in a big event and i do hope to be given the opportunity again in the future. *despite my ketidakpuashatian on higher management appreciation issues.. haha :)

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