Sunday, June 28, 2015

Alumni SMTTDI Career talk

Mafiz is an active member of SMTTDI's PIBG. He is not politically inclined therefore his involvement in the PIBG is purely to oversea the school's progress and plan for his children studying there. You want people like this to be a part of PIBG  as they contribute sincerely and not to gain popularity or impressing others in thier CV. 
His father was an active member in the past if i can remember correctly. Mafiz has been doing this voluntarily and i reckon he enjoys it. Last year, he brought the students to CTC to be with the CTS team for a day. His creative mind is endless! Truly gifted and talented! 
 Few days before ramadhan, he brought me and Azad to give a short talk to the form 5 students in conjunction with the school's career week. I was free that day so it was possible for me to do what i enjoy as well. It was a short talk, me and Azad given 20-30 minutes slot each.It was cool to be back in school that we left more than 20 years ago :) It was more of a sharing session rather than motivation and both me and Azad spoke about different themes. 
Azad went on to talk about the realities of having a plan and the true proof of what financial freedom is about :)  I went on how to integrate work and passion in the same line. I came in my scrubs as I knew students need to be stimulated visually. especially this current Gen Z. 
Thank you SMTTDI and Mafiz for organizing this session! 

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