Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ramadhan and its power

Alhamdulillah, its day 12 of fasting today. A fairly normal routine so far. My ramadhans for the past 4 years has been of multitude situations, from being out of the country to a busy cardiac centre style ramadhan to my revelation adventure last year. 
My 3 elder kids are fasting with the surprise package came from Marissa. She is only 6 and she has been doing well to just do it. I remembered Qaisya being non commital to fasting at her age and Marissa is certainly very matured. She doesnt complain a lot and prefers to keep her feelings to herself. Qayyum i hope is slowly maturing. He used to lie on certain days regarding his fasting status.. haha kantoi with umi on the smell of food and drink in his school bag. Its a boys thingy.. and i pray that he learnt from his previous mischievious acts haha 
The one thing that i enjoy doing with them this year is to bring them to tarawikh. Alhamdulillah, all of them are enjoying it and i partly put it to the child friendly atmosphere that my mosque provided. Being the 7th royal selangor mosque, it certainly lived up to its reputation. It is certainly comfortable performing prayers here and at night, the mosque shines majestically. 
My kids are lucky as during my time, my introduction to tarawikh was by my Pak Long who lived with us at that time. My parents were busy workers and i guess during those days the emphasize on tarawikh during ramadhan was appauling in the cities. Time has changed and the community attitude changed too thus the festival like atmosphere in mosques or musollah all around Malaysia. 
May we all be blessed during this Ramadhan, and the search for Lailatul Qadar is on :) 

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