Monday, January 04, 2016

Resolutions and expectations

Every year everybody will make their own resolutions. I have without fail being religious to this practice. Alhamdulillah, i have managed to achieve my targets year in year out. 2015 was memorable as the only objective was to fulfill my 5th pillar of Islam obligation. It was a wonderful journey and a reflection of my future endevours.

This would be a life long challenge. More so after hajj. It is a struggle to keep the motivation as how it was duirng the hajj period. The things that you have to do in your daily life and balancing it with core ibadah. It is not easy to stay istiqamah but i guess that is what hajj is about. Its the after maintainence and not about the induction!  To rethink and rediscover the inner peace you had at that time. Insha Allah, so help me God! :) 

As usual, getting myself into the ideal weight category will always be the aim. It was successful 2 years back but since coming back home, it was an almost impossible task. Last year was worse, as the amount of effort put into exercise was almost non-existence! Haha.. Partly it is because of my current job which can be unpredictable at times. However, it should not be an excuse I feel. Therefore, I want to get myself fit again. This is the only way to reduce my weight to an ideal BMI. The food is Malaysia is too non forgiving and it is the time to look for in doing my run or cycling would be the main issue. 

Being in the private service now, there is not much career advancement, probably looking more at increased remuneration. Haha Well, this will depend on the progress of my centre. Alhamdulillah, the one year so far has been adequate and I thank god for that. I should expect my day cases to be more complicated by the day as the centre is growing as well. Unless, i have another offer from another place.. this would really have to be good if i decide to switch camps. I do miss my cardiac though especially off pump CABGs. Im not sure what opprtunity would beckon, but i am disappointed that the previous centre where I was not keen on having me be a part of their team. I am not sure why but i guess Allah knows best. Husnuz Zon.. hehe i will try to find ways to be able to practice cardiac anaesthesia again.

This will be an interesting year as a spin off to Diagnosis 2's success in 2015. My challenge is to produce my own book, and perhaps a collaboration for a future widecreen adaptation later. Insha Allah, I am looking forward to this and we'd see how this will fare in the coming future. It is not a simple task to produce a bestseller but Insha Allah, I can only try.

Insha Allah, Bring it on 2016!! 

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